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Our Foreign Education Funding

GST Foreign Education Funding

GST Foreign Education Funding was established to address the usual financial challenges faced by underrepresented and less privilege Nigerians/African to study abroad and to also make the demographics of Africans undergraduates studying abroad reflect the rich diversity of the Africa population. Since 2010, have awarded N250,000,000 to over 200 Africans, helping students from all over Africa follow their dreams abroad. We are positioned to create opportunities and support to African Students who intended to study in any Universities Abroad. We provide among many, payment of visas, payment of Air Tickets and Accommodation, the overseas school administrative charges and sponsorship. The student will provide a guarantor in his/her home country who will start paying us back for 12 calendar months, starting from the end of the months the student arrive Abroad.

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    Years Foreign Education Funding
  • 250
    to over 200 Africans